Sentant Dedicated Services
from skilled experts in the field

Sentant differentiates itself by forgoing the traditional package and tier-based business model. Each solution is customized and priced according to our client’s specific needs. Sentant provides “no contract” month-to-month support that keeps IT flexible, affordable, and scalable through all phases of business development.

Helpdesk Services
Successful technology companies require reliable and secure infrastructure. Sentant's systems professionals handle anything from network and device management to upgrading and building infrastructure. Every contact is with an experienced engineer, so your questions can be answered with full assurance every time.
Employee Onboarding
Workplace models are shifting. Distributed teams make the process of interviewing and onboarding new team members more complex. Sentant supports your team at HQ, satellite offices and remotely, helping you scale your team indefinitely while maintaining effective control over device and access security.
We understand the value of your data and of your customers' data. It is our priority to keep your data secure, so that you can pass that trust on to your customers. To guard against the latest threats, Sentant’s comprehensive protection includes scanning, penetration testing, network monitoring, and training for employees to spot phishing attacks.
Achieving security compliance is a great way to unblock potential sales roadblocks. Sentant's managed services ensure compliance with SOC 2, ISO27001, PCI, HIPAA, and other standards. Our certified staff keep up to date on the latest ways to make compliance smooth and automated.